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Tel:+86 571 82770097

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Bosch piezo valve

Denso injector control valve

Delphi valve 9308Z621C / 28239294 / 28440421 / 28538389

CAT 320D injector control valve 32F61-00062

Denso valve (first generation)

Hangzhou Giantrey Machinery Co.,Ltd. is located in Hangzhou Xiaoshan industry area and within 1 hour’s ride by car from the Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, it is easily accessible by all forms of traffic.

The company deals in high-tech diesel parts. We are committed to the development and production of common rail & piezo diesel parts. We have progressive technology and management system to ensure that each product meets a high standard.The appearance and the quality of our products reach the international advanced level.  


Due to the better quality and reasonable price, the sales of GIANTREY is far ahead of other factory.The products are exported to many places abroad with good reputation,such as the Middle East,Europe,southwest Asia and South America.

"First-class quality,first-class service" is the tenet of the company. Meanwhile, it is the long-term aim we want. The company will adhere to the technological and scientific innovation. With the service and the quality as the guide, the company will stride forward towards the goal of the world-class Development and Research Manufacturing Enterprise.

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